onsdag den 26. januar 2011


*The Versatile Blogger Award*

I just wanna say Thank you to: http://lol-its-fashion.blogspot.com/
Because she gave me this award. Thats just lovely. 
Hmm.. For getting this award i have to tell you guys 7 things about myself

- I love black dresses, i have like 18 pieces of them.
- I have a weakness for candy.
- I never wear gold jewelry. Don't know why.
- I do sports every single day. Basket ball, dancing and others.
- I hate lettuce.
- I i love R'n'B music and, but it's like blogs only have one kind of music, you know the more   modern style like. Robyn, Fallulah, Lykke Li, wich i also LOVE, but i think there is more music out in the world. 
- My fave. tv show is Pretty little liars, topmodel and one tree hill. 


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